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How to create a scene with Schedules and Delays?

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2013 12:23PM EST

To create a scene that will turn on a light at a specific hour every day you will need to go to Automation > New Scene then click on the ON position on that device, then to add a schedule to turn that light on every day you will need to add one from the Schedules tab in the Scene Edit mode and click on add Schedules > select Day of week based and manually select the days when that light to turn on and also select when that should turn on whether you want it to be at a specific time of a day or any of the options you have there.

After that all you need to do is press the confirm changes and press the Save button highlighted in red in the top right corner of the UI. This will save the scene you created.

If you want to make that light turn off after a certain amount of minutes/hours you will need to edit that scene by going to Automation > click on the wrench key that appears when you move your mouse cursor over the same scene, this will get you into the edit scene mode and now you will need to enter a delay for that light.

Please select the Devices tab and then click on the 'Immediate' drop down menu then click on the Manage delays button, and on the new popup window please enter the value and select minutes or hours and click close.

Now you should select the delay you have entered from the same Immediate drop down menu, and with that delay selected please click on the light to turn OFF, then click on Confirm Changes and then Save to save it.

After this your light will turn on at a specific time of day - this is the Schedule, and turn off after a specific minutes/hours - this is the Delay. 

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