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(VL) Vera Lite Not Detected

Last Updated: Sep 04, 2012 03:55PM PDT
If you've connected your Vera Lite as shown in the initial connection instructions and created (and logged into) your account, your computer should be able to find your Vera Lite automatically. 

If that's not happening and you're unable to see your Vera Lite even though you've connected it properly, check that the WAN light on the front panel is lit up solidly (this may take up to a minute after initial connection). 

If it's not lit up, you may have a problem with your network that needs to be addressed.  Before you start any troubleshooting first check to see that the actual cable and Internet connection aren't the culprit.  If you have another Ethernet cable, try connecting that between the WAN port on the back of your Vera Lite and your broadband connection.  Wait up to a minute for the WAN light on the Vera Lite to light up solidly.  If it does, problem solved. 

You might also try connecting your computer to the broadband connection using the same cable that you were using for the Vera Lite.  If you're unable to get Internet connectivity, you may have a problem with your broadband modem. 

Note: Keep in mind that almost all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) briefly lose connectivity now and again. You may be having a temporary problem with yours...see if you're getting Internet service at all without Vera Lite connected to confirm.

If after checking the connections and confirming that everything else is working properly  you still aren't able to set up your Vera Lite, please contact us using the form available to send a trouble ticket from the end of this Troubleshooting section.

If you're comfortable with computer networks and advanced settings, you can troubleshoot your network connection yourself.  Let's look at a few first steps you can take.


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