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UI7 ▾ Vera Software Update ▾ Version 7.0.29 BETA (1.7.4413/1.7.4414/1.7.4415) ▾ April 2, 2019

Last Updated: Apr 03, 2019 06:45AM EDT


Fixes and Improvements

  • Improvement on 'Controller Up/Down' alerts no longer being sent if the relay servers are switching.
  • Improvements on Net&Wifi functionality on Vera Plus and Vera Secure:
    • Setting encryption to ‘WEP’ it will no longer make the Wi-Fi unsecured.
    • Fixed the issue with manually connecting unit via Wi-Fi not working on Vera Secure.
    • Fix reset button functionality on Vera Secure 
    • Fixed the issue with the 5 GHz network not being  operational if the 2.4 GHz network is off.
    • Fixed the issue with the 5 GHz network not being operational if saving the current settings from a default state.
  • Fixed the issue with invisible device generating alerts when setting a mode other than Home.

  • Fixed the issue in WebUI with Missing on / off button for  Dimmable RGB Lights devices on Google Chrome.

  • Fix  the issue with not being able to increase setpoint for heat mode in house modes.

  • Fixed the issue on the WebUI with duplicate stream display when going into fullscreen on frame-by-frame.

  • Added functionality of close button and slider for Window Covering devices in scenes.

  • Fixed the issue with password reset email templates missing or being invalid if portal language is French or Spanish.

  • Fixed the issue with the Vera Protect card not being displayed while on 3G.

  • Fixed the issue with the cellular LED remaining stuck in a blinking state after the internet connection is restored.

  • Fixed the issues with 'Controller Down' alerts being sent whenever wifi is turned off on VeraPlus from Settings.

  • Fixed the issue with Geofences not being removed when deleting users.

  • Fixed the issues with Vera not being able connect to an SSID with WEP,WPA or WPA/WPA2 mixed encryption.

  • Fixed the issues with switching to "Through WiFi AP" was not restarting network.

  • Fixed the issue with scanning for Wi-Fi networks not returning any 5 GHz networks 

  • Fixed the issues with no information being returned when Troubleshoot Network button was tapped on Vera Edge.

  • Fixed the issue with the Vera Secure controller losing its Internet connection if the router is power cycled. 

  • Fixed the issues with the timezone for Iran (Tehran) being incorrect.

  • Improvement in Z-Wave firmware upgrade so that the z-wave locale is no longer getting changed if the z-wave firmware upgrade fails and it's only changing when the upgrade is successful.

  • Fixed the issue with the current set point not being set on thermostat Remotec when running a scene.

  • Fixed the issue with permissions not being updated after the account was changed.

  • Fixed the issues with the  view from "Net & Wi-fi" displayed as "DHCP" when connection type was set to "Static IP".

  • Added validation for all the RADIUS fields (IP address, Radius port and Radius server key).

  • Added validation for the"Start address" and "End address" fields in DHCP settings.

  • Fixed the issue with the USB device not being unmounted when the USB was removed.

  • Fixed the issue with no timezone assigned to Israel.

  • Fixed the issue with CO alerts being received with the text 'Smoke'.

  • Fixed the issues with Qubino Flush 1D Relay being displayed with the binary light icon on the UI.

  • Fixed the issues with securing a controller flags it as being offline in the end-user portal.

  • Fixed the issue with Aeotec micro smart switch DSC18103 gen3 that was not updating the status on web UI.

  • Fixed the issue with the reset button not properly working on Vera Secure.

  • Fixed the issue with controller not remaining assigned to the account after firmware upgrade with reset to factory defaults.

  • Fixed the issue with Fibaro Button (FGPB-101) not triggering scenes.

  • Fixed the issue with Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Controller-GEN5 trigger mismatch for button double tap. The issues was around the double press scene / notification not running. 

  • Fixed the issue with network connection that when set to "Through a Wi-Fi access point", in "Net & Wi-Fi" page, the connection was displayed as "Manually configure (advanced)"

  • Fixed the issue with Vision ZS6101 Smoke Sensor that was staying always tripped

  • Fixed the issue on the NuTone/GoControl TBZ48 thermostats where sending a setpoint change request to the thermostat set to Off was turning it on and then back Off. Now an error is returned informing the user that he can't set setpoint to thermostat in Off Mode.

  • [Vera Secure/Vera Plus] - Fixed the issues with the Wi-Fi LED not being turned off when the Wi-Fi is deactivated.

  • Fixed the issues with the engine not checking if a scene with the same name exists before creating the scene. 

  • Web UI - Fixed the issue regarding the delays for the commands sent to the Fibaro FGS-223 endpoints. Through the Fibaro FGS-223 Device Pairing Wizard, from the Web UI, the device will be included as unsecure. Once included as unsecure, the delays are no longer present. Please note that for the moment the device can be included as unsecure only from the  WEB UI and this will be available also on the mobile apps of the the next iOS and Android release.

  • Fixed several issues regarding wrong validation for "First Name" and "Last Name" fields in Setup Wizard (Numbers were accepted for "First Name" field, Minus sign not accepted for "First Name", but was specified in the list of the valid character, Dot "." was accepted for "First Name", but wasn't specified in the list of valid characters)

  • Fixed the issue with Vision CO Detector ZS6301 sending "Burglary" alerts.

  • Fixed the issues with Yale YRD120 being detected as Yale YRD220.

Newly Integrated devices

  • GoControl WO15EMZ5-1 Smart Wall Outlet

  • Zooz ZEN15 Power Switch for Heavy Duty Appliances

  • Zooz ZEN06 Smart Plug

  • Fibaro FGCD-001 CO Sensor

  • Philio PAN04 In Wall Dual Relay (1 way) Switch

  • Philio PAN06 In Wall Dual Relay (1 way) Switch

  • Linear GD00Z-5 Z-Wave Garage Door Controller

  • Bosch RFPR-ZB Radion PIR Wireless Motion Detector

  • Bosch RFDL-ZB Radion Tritech Wireless Motion Detector

  • Sengled E12-N14 Element Classic Bulb

  • Sengled E11-G13 Element Classic Bulb

  • Horus HSC-ZP3102US-5 Motion Sensor 

  • Horus HSC-ZD2102US-5 Door/Window 

  • Fibaro FGCD-001 CO Sensor

  • MCO Home MH8-FC - Fan Coil Thermostat (2-pipe)

  • MCO Home MH8-FC4 - Fan Coil Thermostat (4-pipe)

  • MCO Home MH8S-FC Fan Coil Thermostat (2-pipe)

  • NuTone NGD00Z - Garage Door Opener

  • Fibaro FGMS-001 (v3.2) 3 in 1 Sensor (New Wizard)

  • Fortrezz WV-01 Water Valve (New Wizard)

  • Stelpro SMT402 Maestro Thermostat

  • Added support for device detection for 2GIG range of devices


Devices added to the DB but with no specific wizard created:

  • Neo Coolcam NAS-WS01Z Water Sensor

  • Neo Coolcam NAS-WR01Z Power Plug

  • CentraLite 3210-L Smart Plug

  • CentraLite 3320-L Contact Sensor

  • CentraLite 3326-L Motion Sensor

  • CentraLite 3405-L Security Keypad

  • GE/Jasco 12727/ZW4003 - In-Wall Smart Switch

  • GE/Jasco 12729/ZW3004 - In-Wall Smart Dimmer

  • GE/Jasco 28167/ZW3104 - Plug-in Smart Dimmer

  • August ASL-03 Door lock


Devices Fixes & Updates:

  • Fibaro FGS-223 Double Switch 2 (Category, DeviceFile, JsonFile, Wizard, DeviceVariableList - Updated)
  • Horus HSC-P511-B Energy Dimmer (Json file updated)
  • Aeotec DSC18103 GEN3 Micro Smart Switch - DeviceVariableList Updated
  • MCO Home MH-P511 Touch Panel Dimmer - JsonFile Updated
  • Linear GD00Z-4 Garage Door Opener - JsonFile Updated

  • Linear GD00Z-5 Garage Door Opener - Manufacturer, Model, JsonFile, Wizard - updated

  • Wintop iRFiD Keypad - DeviceVariableList Updated

  • Wintop iRFiD Keypad 2.1 - DeviceVariableList Updated

  • NodON CWS-3-1-00 Wall Switch (ZW) - JsonFile Updated

  • Vision ZS6101 Smoke Detector - DeviceVariableList Updated

  • Vision CO Detector ZS6301 - DeviceVariableList Updated

  • 4-in-1 Slim MultiSensor - JsonFile Updated

  • Fortrezz FTS05 Temp Leak Sensor - Category, SubCategory - updated

  • Philio PST02-B 3-in-1 Slim Multisensor - JsonFile Updated

  • Philio PST02-C 3-in-1 Slim Multisensor - JsonFile Updated

Known Issues:

  • When using Google Chrome versions starting with v59, live streaming no longer works on local connections due to Adobe Flash Player policy restricting the stream

  • Minor issue when adding some cameras in some cases using only a VeraPlus and SYNC (WPS) button

  • Unable to record video in Foscam FI9821W (Mjpeg)

  • Only in a bridge environment, NodOn Wall Switch disappears from the web UI

  • [VeraSecure] Even with the Wi-Fi option re-enabled, the UI displays the "Manually configure" option as being selected

  • Samsung Appliances are not yet available for usage in Scenes

  • Communication with devices is lost after upgrade in some cases only on controllers that have an external USB Z-Wave dongle (USB plugged)

  • Doorlock Yale YRL220ZW605 - Scenes with 'A PIN code was removed from the lock' set as trigger don't run if Pin code is removed from the lock (If a Pin code is deleted from UI , scene runs but if the pin is deleted from device it doesn't).

  • Issues with Ecolink PIR-ZWave2.5-eco stay in tripped mode with same timestamp

  • Issues on CT101 thermostat that doesn't show humidity sensor value nor battery level.

  • Issues in the process of bridging 2 Vera Edge units.

  • Issues with Yale door lock gen3 vs gen5 inconsistencies (some notifications are either not supported or deprecated).

  • issues on Universal Sensor that doesn't update tripped state upon Poll.

  • Cooper Scene Controller cannot set 100% values to series 500 Leviton Dimmers.

  • Plugin files from /etc/cmh-ludl/ are loaded in a loop causing high instability.

  • Missing libraries after firmware upgrade

  • Lights turn off although Live streaming page is open.

  • (Customer Issue) Vera is sending the same command twice when controlling z-wave devices.

  • Missing resource screen after saving Wi-Fi settings to automatically configure.

  • Tripped state doesn't update for Fibaro Universal Sensor upon Poll.

  • Ecolink DW sensor gen5 battery level is not displayed at inclusion.

  • CT101 thermostat doesn't show humidity sensor value nor battery level.

  • Issues on the MCO Home MH8-FC and MCO Home MH8S-FC thermostats that are being displayed properly on View by Type but not properly in View by Room.

  • Several issues on the Stelpro SMT402 Maestro Thermostat integration (Value for setpoint for Stelpro thermostat returns to 35 on Scenes, Overlap in Preset modes, Thermostat icon doesn't display the current temperature, child device 'Humidity Sensor' is included under Light Sensor category).

  • Scenes which open/close multiple door locks are running with delays.

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