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UI7 ▾ Vera Software Update ▾ Version (1.7.1030/1.7.3830/1.7.3831/1.7.3832) ▾ May 14, 2018

Last Updated: May 14, 2018 01:03PM EDT
UI7 ▾ Vera Software Update ▾ Version (1.7.1030/1.7.3830/1.7.3831/1.7.3832)
Last Updated: May 14, 2018


New Features
  • VeraEdge, VeraPlus, and VeraSecure (Series 500 controllers) compatible with the latest Z-Wave SDK (6.81, Z-Wave version 6.1).
    • Once upgraded, it is recommended to take new backups, as old ones are not 100% compatible with the new Z-Wave restore mechanism, and their restoration might fail.
  • Easier migration from Vera3, VeraLite (Series 300 controllers), and the process is now a regular backup and restore.
  • Z-Wave routing of large networks improved, and redesigned backup and restore functionality.
    • Note: The backup and restore functionality may not work in some cases. Please contact Customer Care for assistance.
  • New Security Settings:
    • This option is mostly for developers which create or change MiOS plugins: Enable potentially unsafe Lua code, like wget and RunLua. Having this option enabled might cause unexpected behavior with some plugins or Lua code.
    • Enable UPnP. This will make your Vera discoverable and controllable by other UPnP devices.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed issue that affected initial 7.26 updates with regard to third party cameras when digest authentication was used
  • Better handling of simultaneous recording uploads
  • Improved network connectivity detection for faster 3G backup connections
  • Fixed a synchronization issue that was preventing proper relay configuration to be applied to the controller
  • Updated notifications (cloud fix)
    • Affects all customers, regardless of beta status, or live status  or older controllers
  • Now when a basic user is present in the list, other users remain listed (cloud fix)
  • Now door lock pins added manually from the door lock are visible in the interface
  • Now special characters are accepted when using the VeraEdge and switching Wi-Fi Access Points
  • Email notifications display the correct temperature format
  • Scenes editor improvements for Lua code section
  • Improved scene trigger editing flow allows changes without asking the user to re-enter time restrictions
  • API improvements for Zigbee devices (lu_jobstatus fixed)

 Known Issues
  • Communication with devices is lost after upgrade for units that have external USB Z-Wave dongle units (USB plugged)
  • When using Google Chrome versions starting with v59, live streaming no longer works on local connections due to new Adobe Flash Player policy restricting the stream
  • Minor issue when adding some cameras in some cases using only a VeraPlus and SYNC (WPS) button
  • Unable to record video in Foscam FI9821W (Mjpeg)
  • Only in a bridge environment, NodOn Wall Switch disappears from the web UI
  • "Controller Down" alerts are sent when the relay servers are merely switching
 Note: Controllers switch from one relay server to another as a backup only when the controller cannot communicate with the main server assigned to it. Reasons why a controller switches depend on external factors like the customer's network, ISP or server issues, etc. If the connection drops, the controller jumps to another server
  • [VeraSecure] Even with the Wi-Fi option re-enabled, the UI displays the "Manually configure" option as being selected
  • Samsung Appliances are not yet available for usage in Scene actions.
  • Only on controllers that have an external USB Z-Wave dongle (USB plugged), communication with devices is lost after upgrade in some cases.

Newly integrated devices

Scene controller
  • Aeotec WallMote Dual ZW129*

  • Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2 FGDW-002*

Switches and Dimmers
  • Philio Smart Energy Plug-In Switch PAN15*
  • Philio Z-Wave Smart Dimmer Socket PAD02*

Garage door opener
  • Linear Pro Access Smart Garage Door WFWS-8XX

*Note: For full compatibility of the newly integrated or hot-fixed devices, we recommend excluding and re-including them from the unit, after the upgrade is complete.



New Features
  • New setup flow: Easier Vera account setup and controller activation
  • My Controller: A new way to easily add a new controller or remove existing ones from your account
  • Settings→ Users: Now manage additional users for your Vera controller
  • New Software Update Card: Prompts you to upgrade the latest firmware

Fixes and Improvements
  • New Login screen
  • Now easily see your controllers that are online, offline or on Cellular Backup via My Controller
  • Faster load time and scrolling on Devices Page
  • Geofencing: Improved communication of Geofencing events when Internet connection is slow or switching from Wi-Fi to cellular
  • Camera images are now correctly shown when using "Manual Camera Wizard"
  • Philips Hue Bridge Presets can now be triggers in Scenes
  • Philips Hue bulb sliders are available in Preset Modes
  • The loader / empty list message is now visible on all screens
  • Preset Modes are now populated in all situations
  • The device height is now correctly set on Preset Modes when Devices are in List Mode
  • The warning icon appears on a device now only when it is in an error state
  • Thermostat state and temp can now be changed using Preset Modes
  • Many other fixes and improvements

Known Issues
At this time there are no reported blocking issues

New Features
  • New setup flow: Easier Vera account setup and controller activation
  • Settings→ Users: Now manage additional users for your Vera controller
  • New watch features (Note: after you connect to the controller via the iOS app, the watch app can be used):
    •     New: From your watch, see devices added to your favorites list.
    •     New: Switch devices on/off with your watch app only (without a phone). Note: watch must be internet connected
    •     New: See views from your cameras from your watch.  Note: cameras must be added to favorites list
  • Now control devices and Scenes with your voice, using the new microphone button in the app

Fixes and Improvements
  • Now door lock pins added manually from the door lock, are visible in the app
  • Fixed an issue where the account was blocked for 5 minutes after entering a wrong password twice
  • Now controller always appears online and offline accurately
  • Now editing is available behind the fourth button of Aeotec Wallmote Quad
  • Fixed an issue where the values of the dimmers weren’t saved in preset modes

Known Issues
  • There could be performance issues on older devices such as iPad 4 or iPhone 5. Clearing the in-memory apps and reloading the app is recommended in case of missing devices.

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