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Thermostat Step-by-Step Pairing Instructions

Last Updated: Oct 12, 2017 12:26PM PDT

How to connect a Nest Thermostat with Vera
Vera brings your home together with Nest to automate your smart home in one app.


Before You Get Started

If you don’t have an Nest account already, download the Nest app on your mobile device from
iTunes or Google Play  app store.

Ensure your Vera controller has the latest firmware.
To Upgrade, go to the Dashboard from home.getvera.com, Dashboard  > Settings > Firmware

Step 1. Select “Devices” in the left nav, then tap the “Install” button.
Step 2. The plugin will install on it’s own. This is the interstitial page that appears while you wait. As it states, it should take about two minutes. If you find that it is taking longer, tap “Finish” and configure the device from the Device Control Panel. See Step 3 for that.

Step 3. (only if Step 2 didn’t automatically complete): Go to “Devices”, tap “Authorize”, a new browser window will appear (see Step 4). If you’re already signed into your Nest account you’ll see the screens here. If not, then you’ll need to sign in first.
Step 4. Authorize Nest by tapping the blue “Accept” button on this page.
Step 5. Copy the Nest generated PIN code, then click on the other browser
tab to go back to the Vera Device Pairing Wizard.

Step 6. Paste the Nest authorization PIN code in the field on this screen.  
Step 7. Click the “Finish” Button. 

Your Nest device is now paired with your Vera controller.
Start enjoying the awesome benefits of another connected device.

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