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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2017 03:17PM PDT
Use your cell phone location to control the system. As you arrive home your garage door can automatically open. Or leave the house and lights turn off, door locks, and thermostat sets to reduce energy use, without doing anything. (Just be sure to carry your phone!)
To create a Geofence scene you must use the Vera Mobile App for iOS or Android phones and tablets:
            First, create the Geofence:
  • Before creating the Scene, you must first create the Geofence for the location you wish to use. From the Dashboard (of the mobile app) click Settings and then Geofencing.
  • A map will appear. Use your fingers on the phone or tablets touch screen to move the map and zoom.
  • Tap the little arrow in the upper right corner. The app will ask you if you want to add a geofence at your current location. Click yes.
  • On the next screen you can change options regarding how big the radius of the geofence should be (default is 100 meters, or about 300 feet) and the color as it appears on the map. You can leave these defaults for now, or change them.
  • Click Save in the upper right corner to save your new geofence. You will now see the map again, with the geofence drawn around your location.
  • Return to the main menu (click the menu icon in upper left corner)
Next, create a Scene that uses your Geofence:
  • Select Scenes on the Dashboard app and click + (Add Scene).
  • Click + on the Triggers screen.
  • Click Location (this Location option only appears in the Mobile App versions of the Vera Dashboard, and is not available in the browser desktop version.)
  • Click the chevron (arrow) at Select a geo fence...
  • Select the Geofence so the check box is highlighted
  • Click Done (upper right corner)
  • Click Validate
  • Click Actions (bottom middle of screen)
  • Click + on the Device Actions scene (upper right corner)
  • Click Add immediate action (unless you want a delay)
  • Select the device you want to have triggered (such as an entrance light or door lock)
  • Click Next (upper right corner)
  • Select what the device should do when triggered (such as light on, or door unlock, depending on the device)
  • Click Done (upper right corner)
  • Click Finish (lower right corner)
  • Name Your Scene by making up a name (such as "Stairway Light") and optionally specify the room where it takes place.
  • You can modify which modes the timer will run in (default is all modes) and whether a notification should go out. You can leave these settings unchanged.
  • Click Save (upper right corner) Note: On the next screen you'll see a list of all your Scenes. You are finished, and can go back to the main Dashboard.
This is just one of the many advanced things you can do with your Vera Home Controller. Besides home security, your Vera Home Controller also makes adding convenience, energy savings and complete home automation easy!

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