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(Aeon Labs) Controlling Scenes With The Key Fob

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2014 03:09PM EST
The key fob's primary duty is to conveniently control scenes that you've set up in your Vera Dashboard.  A scene typically includes multiple smart devices working together to do more than one thing. As an example, an "Arrive Home" scene might turn on the lights, move the thermostat to a preferred setting and turn off the entry way security sensors.  

For a primer on how to create Scenes with the VeraLite Smart Controller, click here...

For a primer on how to create Scenes with the Vera3 Smart Controller, click here...

Each Scene that you create in your Vera system is assigned a number (in addition to any name that you give it, such as "Arrive Home," "Away For Weekend," etc.)  Your key fob is capable of commanding up to 8 of these scenes.  To see your scenes, go to your Vera Dashboard and click the "Automation" menu, then select the "Scenes" submenu as shown below:

Select the Scene you want to control from the key fob.  In this example, we'll choose "Leave The House" and to find out its Scene number (as well as name) you'll look at its settings.  Hover your mouse over the top right of the blue header bar for this Scene and the wrench icon will appear:

Click the wrench icon and the Scene settings will apear, as shown below. As you can see, this particular Scene is Scene #1.  

NOTE: Scene numbers are sequential by the order in which they were created.

As you can see, this particular Scene -- Scene #1 "Leave The House" -- has numerous devices working together to create the scene.  Your key fob controller makes them all enact the scene with just one button.

Here is the layout for the key fob controller buttons:

Here is the chart for how the four buttons on your key fob controller will control your scenes.

You can control up to 8 scenes with just one button, depending on whether you click or hold the button.

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