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(Evolve) Pairing Your LPM-15 Plug-In Module

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2014 03:00PM EST
"Pairing" a device to your Vera Smart Controller  -- also called "including," "adding" and "joining," among other words by different manufacturers -- is the process of introducing it into your smart home system so that it's recognized for control.  This is done by a quick, one-time wireless communication between the device you're pairing and the Vera Smart Controller.  It takes just a moment, and then you're ready to control or automate the paired device from your Vera Dashboard.

First, find the electrical outlet where the plug-in module will ultimately be placed.  Any standard US 3-prong wall outlet will work.  Plug the module into the wall, and then plug in whatever light or appliance you want to control into the module's outlet marked with the Z-Wave logo.

The pairing process must take place just a short distance -- less than six feet -- between the plug-in module and your Vera Smart Controller.  If you've located the plug-in module close to where your Smart Controller is plugged in to electrical power, you can leave everything where it is to begin the pairing process.  But if you've decided to install the plug-in module in another room, or further away than six feet, you'll put your Vera Smart Controller into "battery mode" (so that it stays powered) and bring it to the plug-in module for pairing.

If you have a VeraLite Smart Controller, click here for instructions on how to enter battery mode.
If you have a Vera3 Smart Controller, click here for instructions on how to enter battery mode. 

To Pair With The VeraLite Smart Controller

On the VeraLite, you will press and hold the "battery" button for about 3 seconds, then wait for the blue "Power" light to come up solid.  You will then see the orange "Ready" light start blinking once per second -- this means that the Vera Lite is in include mode. 

Now tap the "+" button on your VeraLite and you will see the "Ready" light blinking once per second.  The VeraLite is now in "pairing" mode and ready to recognize the plug-in module.

On the front of the Evolve plug-in module, there's a large button for pairing, as shown below:

Press the activate button on the device and you will see the orange "Ready" light fluttering as a confirmation that your plug-in module was detected and was paired.

To save your changes and exit the battery mode, you will need to press and hold the "+" button for about 5 seconds.  Now re-connect your VeraLite Smart Controller to the rest of your system (AC power and network connection).

To Pair With The Vera3 Smart Controller

Bring the Vera3 (now working on battery power) to within six feet of the location where you've plugged in the lighting module, then press the "Z-Wave" button.  You will see the green "Z-Wave" light flash once per second.

Now press the pairing button on the Evolve lighting controller:

The green Z-Wave light on the Vera3 will flash quickly to show that the plug-in module was recognized.  Hold in the "Z-Wave" button for 3 seconds to save the pairing.  Now re-connect your Vera3 Smart Controller to the rest of your system (AC power and network connection).

The plug-in module has now been paired to your Vera system and is ready to be controlled or automated through your Vera Dashboard.  



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