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(Yale) Pairing The Touchscreen Lock

Last Updated: Jul 30, 2014 12:40AM EDT
Now that your Touchscreen lock is in its installed position, you'll need to pair it to your Vera Smart Controller in order to join it to your smart home system.  This is a one-time process and takes just a few moments.  Because the pairing process requires that the device (your lock) and the Controller need to be in close proximity of three feet or so, you'll need to put your Smart Controller into its battery mode, so you can take it to the lock's location for pairing.

If you have a VeraLite Smart Controller, click here for instructions on how to enter battery mode.
If you have a Vera3 Smart Controller, click here for instructions on how to enter battery mode. 

Once the Smart Controller is in battery mode, bring it over to the lock and begin these three steps:


Your Yale Touchscreen lock includes a small plug-in module that gives it the connected intelligence with your Vera Smart Home Controller.  It must be physically installed in the inside of the lock -- simply a matter of plugging it in.

If you haven't already done so, unscrew the top screw of the battery cover for the indoor portion of your touchscreen lock.  Slide the battery cover upward and off the lock. Now the battery compartment and the plug-in slot for the "Network Module" will be visibile.  Before you put in the batteries, insert the network module as shown. Don't worry, there's only one way to plug it in where it will click in properly -- the angles are at the top of the module.

Now that you've installed the module, you can insert the batteries.  The lock will flash its light and a voice-guided prompt will work with you as you perform these final steps -- which are accomplished with the other half of your smart lock -- the half that goes outdoors.


The Yale Touchscreen lock comes set from the factory with Master PIN Code of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.  This default PIN 
must be overridden by your own personal passcode before you can use your lock.  Your own PIN (passcode) can be 4-8 digits long.

The Master PIN Code is the main electronic "key" for your touchscreen doorlock, and the one that gives you a secure main PIN that can also set other PINs (keys) for other family, friends and guests.

Start the process by activating your lock, using one of the three ways shown below.  These are the ways you will interact with your lock from now on -- any of them will make the lock ready for your actions, whether that's opening the door or making new PINs.


The lock's voice prompt will now react accordingly and literally speak the following message:

Follow the prompt and enter numbers 1-8 as instructed, then press the pound key.  The voice prompt will then ask you to enter the "Master PIN Code" menu, saying:

Now you can enter your own Master PIN.  This is the code number you'll use most often.

Your lock is now ready for the third and final step -- pairing it to your Vera Smart Controller.


You should now have your Vera Smart Controller working in battery mode and within 3 feet of the lock  Put your Vera Smart Controller into pairing mode:

If you're using a VeraLite Smart Controller, push the "+" button on the top of the unit to put it into pairing mode.  The orange light will flash slowly -- VeraLite is ready for pairing.

If you're using a Vera3 Smart Controller, push the "Z-Wave" button on the front panel to put it into pairing mode.  The green Z-Wave LED light will flash slowly -- Vera3 is ready for pairing.

Activate the lock by putting the front or back of your hand on it, or pushing the star key.  The lock will beep and activate.  Enter your PIN number and press the pound key.  The voice prompt will tell you you're in "Menu" mode, and to push the pound key to continue.

NOTE: You have 20 seconds between activating your code and making another action.  After 20 seconds, for security reasons, the lock will say "Time Expired" and return to its "sleep" state. If this happens, simply activate the lock again and enter your PIN.

When the voice prompt tells you you're in "Menu Mode" push #7 on the keypad, followed by the pound key.  

The voice prompt will say "Wireless Sending Mode" and ask you to press the pound key to continue.  You will then be prompted to "Enter The Wireless Network."  Press button #1 and then the pound key.

The Vera Smart controller will flash quickly to show you the pairing was made, and then return to blinking slowly.  On the VeraLite, press the "+" button for 3 seconds to save your changes.  On the Vera3, press the "Z-Wave" button for 3 seconds to save your changes.

Your lock is now paired to your Z-Wave network, and will show up on your Dashboard as shown below:

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