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(Aeon Labs) Notifications From Your Door/Window Sensor

Last Updated: Feb 27, 2014 06:37PM PST
You can set up your smart system to notify you of any event that occurs with your door/window sensor.  If you haven't already entered your notification information, such as your email address or text number, you need to do that now.

If you have a Vera3, click here to set your notification preferences.
If you have a VeraLite, click here to set your notification preferences.

When your notification preferences have been set, find the door/window sensor on your Dashboard and hover your mouse over the top right of the device's box so that the "wrench" icon appears to make changes, as shown:

Click the wrench icon, and when the window appears, choose the "Notifications" menu as shown below.  This is where you'll set up your notifications.

First, give your notification a name, so your notification will be easy to identify when you get it.  In this example, we'll call the notification "Back door opened."  

Now let's decide when you'll be getting a notification from the door/window sensor.  Above the notification name field, you'll see a drop-down menu labeled "Add notification for:"  Click it and you'll see your options, as shown below:

In this first option, you can get a notification when the door/window sensor is tripped in any way, such as being armed or bypassed.

In the second option, you'll get a notification if an armed door/window sensor has been tripped.

In the third option, you can get a notification if the battery level on your door/window sensor is getting low and should be replaced.

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